8 Great Stock Market Websites

Here are 10 of the best websites I have found to research the stock market and individual stocks:

  • Investors Business Daily  This is a great daily publication, but it is subscription based.  There is a wealth of information to learn about investing and about the current market.  My favorite aspect is The Big Picture and it is updated everyday after the market closes.
  • Seeking Alpha  Here there is a wealth of information posted by a very large number of individual contributors.  What I like most is that when you read an interesting article, you can select to follow the writer and then you get notified whenever they post a new article.
  • Marketwatch  and CNBC are great places to get news during the day and to find some great commentary.
  • Finviz is great for charts on everything and for news.
  • Marketedge is a subscription based service and I find it very useful.  The daily and weekly commentary is great and I love their Trading Ideas section.  Here you can find all kinds of long and short trading ideas.  You can get a discount to this service if you have an account with Charles Scwabb.
  • Zacks Investment Research has been around forever and they rank most all stocks on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the best).  They have a very strong track record and a lot of the features on their website is subscription based.
  • Zero Hedge has some great and very interesting articles and commentary that you will not see on other sites.